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Aarons Specialist Unit

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Rushcliffe Care
Rushcliffe Care Group - Aarons Specialist Unit
Rushcliffe Care Group - Aarons Specialist Unit
Rushcliffe Care Group - Aarons Specialist Unit
Rushcliffe Care Group - Aarons Specialist Unit
Rushcliffe Care Group - Aarons Specialist Unit
Rushcliffe Care Group - Aarons Specialist Unit
Rushcliffe Care Group - Aarons Specialist Unit

Aarons Specialist Unit

Aarons Specialist Unit, Epinal Way, Loughborough, Leicestershire
Telephone: 01509 212666 Fax: 01509 262710

Aarons specialist unit 

Aaron’s specialist unit is a 30 bedded unit which specializes in caring for people who display expressive behaviour’s and need specialist behavioural input to reduce the risk of failed placements. Our unit is split into 3 key areas and look after individuals with Acquired Brain Injury, Dementia and Mental Health difficulties and may put themselves or others at risk of harm. (See separate information). 

The service has a highly skilled multi-disciplinary team which consists of physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapist, Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatrists. They work alongside our dedicated core nursing and support staff to ensure our residents receive holistic and individualized care and treatment. 

Length of stay varies and is tailored to individuals needs and many of our residents have moved into supported living or step down services. However should a person require palliative or end of life care our staff are highly trained and provide dignified care and support to the resident and their families throughout the process.

Our unit is based in Loughborough which hosts a wide variety of shops and areas of beauty in which our residents enjoy sharing with their families or support workers. 

Activities are offered in an opportunistic way which enables our residents to choose when and what they participate in. 


Aarons Acquired Brain Injury Unit 

Aarons Unit is for people with acquired brain injury. It has 10 large bedrooms with on-suite facilities. 

Residents come to us following the acute phase of their recovery. They display some behaviour’s that challenge that often put barriers in the way of their rehabilitation potential. They often also experience and express extreme forms of emotions such as anger, aggression, fear and anxiety. 

Pre-admission assessments and risk assessments take place and draft care plans are formulated to highlight each individual’s strengths, difficulties and behaviour’s that challenge. 

Following admission assessments are carried out during a period of six weeks to gain baselines for therapy and nursing intervention and to formulate care plans for identified needs and goals. 

Our unit is open and airy, we endeavour to maintain a low stimulation environment and proactively manage the environment and situations which might give rise to increased levels of distress. 

Residents are registered with a local GP surgery who has a special interest in Brain Injury Care and who provides for each individual’s unique physical and mental wellbeing. This includes regular reviews and referral for specialist treatments as appropriate. 

Our specialist therapy staff team consists of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapist, Speech and Language Therapist and Clinical Neuropsychologists. They work alongside our nursing and support staff team to ensure our residents receive holistic and individualized care. 

Our support workers are trained to assist residents with activities of daily living based on their identified and individual needs and goals. 

Our residents are encouraged and supported to take part in meaningful activities that they enjoy to enhance their quality of life. These can be within a group setting such as the relaxation group or day trips or individual support to access the local community or activities they enjoy. 

Individualized care plans and risk assessments are reviewed regularly and frequently to evaluate their effectiveness and are updated as needs change. 


Aarons Dementia Unit 

Aarons Dementia unit is located on the first floor and is free flowing, light and airy creating a feeling of openness and space for our residents to enjoy walking around. The environment is a low stimulus environment to induce a calm atmosphere as evidence suggests excessive mental stimulation can exacerbate expressive behaviour’s. 

Our staff receive training in Dementia presentation and each resident has an individualised care plan for staff to follow, thus reducing the risk of expressive behaviour’s manifesting. 


Aarons Mental Health unit 

Aarons mental health unit is a 10 bedded unit that provides person cantered care for individuals who need support from specialist staff without the restrictions of being detained under the mental health act or a hospital stay. 

We provide a risk assessed safe environment and initial assessments are carried out before and on admission to identify their individual needs and formulate care plans to help achieve their identified goals and maintain their independence. 

Our residents will be registered with our local General Practitioner for physical health needs and have access to the community Mental Health Team and their identified consultant for regular reviews and identified treatment. 

Our trained staff are selected for their knowledge and experience in the mental health field and recognize subtle changes that could indicate relapse therefore reducing the risk of hospital admission.